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is it possible to draw annotations beneath the renderable series?

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Hi there,

Yes it is possible to draw annotations behind the chart series, by using the property AnnotationBase.AnnotationCanvas = AnnotationCanvas.BelowChart as demonstrated by this Silverlight 5 example.

Hope this helps!

  • Iulian Baciu
    With this solution the annotation would be below the series and below the tick lines also. Is there a way to have the annotation above the tick lines and below the series?
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Yes I’m afraid from version ~4 of SciChart WPF and onwards this is unavoidable, as we draw tick lines on the same RenderSurface using DirectX as the series. As a result, you cannot have an annotation below series and above tick lines. You can: have semi-transparent tick lines / grid lines / axis bands OR have the annotation over the top and semi-transparent. Best regards, Andrew
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