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SciChart v1.3.1.1107 has been released on the 22nd July 2012.

Full release notes and the MSI Installer can be found at . Fixes and features in this version include:


  • Added RenderPriority flag to allow for lowering, or raising priority of render operations. This can help resolve issues where mouse interaction plus real-time locks the chart
  • Allowed Scichart to be rendered off-screen (i.e. in a server environment). To use this feature, set RenderPriority = RenderPriority.Immediate and render the SciChartsurface to a bitmap
  • Added AxisBase.Clear(); Can be used to programmatically clear ticks, gridlines off an axis


  • Fixed startup logic
  • zooming to extents on axis only if individual axis ranges are not set
  • Fixed removing last series/axis does not clear the chart
  • Fixed XyScatterRenderableSeries not drawing first data-point
  • Fixed issue in multi-axis where only the last axis could draw grid lines
  • Improvement to axis visible range handling in an MVVM scenario
  • Fixed FastColumnRenderableSeries now centres on data-point (not left edge)
  • Fixed a bug in RolloverModifier where template did not show in certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug in RolloverModifier where selecting a series caused tooltips to remain on the screen
  • Fixed NumericAxis/DateTimeAxis.AutoTicks=False having no effect
  • Fixed Oscilloscope/Electric theme background colours which had incorrect alpha channel, showing through underlying control colour


  • Added two new examples: ECG Monitor and Spectrum Analyzer, you can find them under “IWantTo/ViewFeaturedApplication”
  • Added new tutorials: Controlling VisibleRange, where we demonstrate how to build the ECG, Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer style scrolling
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