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SciChart v1.3.5.1225 has been released on the 28th Aug 2012.

Full release notes and the MSI Installer can be found at . Fixes and features in this version include:


  • Added FastImpulseRenderableSeries – a new chart type which displays a vertical line from zero with optional point marker at the tip
  • Add, Remove, RemateAt methods added to IDataSeriesSet
  • RemoveAt added to IDataSeriesSet. No need to cast when removing series
  • Remove, RemoveAt, Insert API added to DataSeries
  • Added FastMountainRenderableSeries.IsDigitalLine property
  • Added SciChartSurface.ClipModifierSurfaceToBounds property, to clip annotations to chart bounds
  • Added AxisBase.IsPrimaryAxis, to allow dictation of which axis draws gridlines in a multi-axis scenario
  • Added requested features to rollover modifier. When rollover markets overlay hints for all markers are shown. When hint is out of Modifiersurface, hint is placed correctly.
  • Added requested feature for mouse-wheel zooming around the mouse-point
  • Added requested feature int IDataSeries.FindIndex(TX x)


  • Fixed LegendModifier control templates, now obeys FontSize, FontWeight
  • Fixed ChartModifierBase.IsEnabled being ignored when set to false (not via binding) in a ModifierGroup
  • Fixed SelectedSeries bug in SciChartSurface
  • Fixed race condition: NullReferenceException on clear of dataseries
  • Fixed Rollover line stealing mouse input when clicking on points
  • Fixed BaseRenderableseries.IsSelectedProperty not defined as a public dependency property
  • Fixed bug with missing gridlines
  • Improved rollover tooltip placement
  • Fixed bug with axis labels overlapping, added 2px space between labels
  • Fixed exception when drag to right for first time
  • Fixed setting all properties DrawLabels, DrawGridLines on axis to false resulted in some gridlines persisting
  • Fixed issue in ECG Example where startup visible range on the Y-Axis was incorrect
  • Fixed LegendModifier not clearing on DataSeriesSet.Clear via workaround, by adding public RefreshLegend() method which you can call from code-behind
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