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Announcing SciChart v1.5.0.1604 (BETA)

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A BETA edition of the upcoming SciChart v1.5 can be downloaded on the Downloads page.

Please read the release note which contains upgrade instructions from v1.3.x. Existing customers can be upgraded for free to SciChart v1.5 Premium Edition by contacting us with your license key. Trial users will be able to use the Beta for 30-days.

SciChart v1.5.0.1604 Beta What’s New

  • UIElement Annotations
  • CategoryDateTimeAxis re-write
  • OverviewControl re-write.
  • MVVM Series API.
  • New SciStockChart Control
  • Added SciChartGroup Control
  • Added FastBandRenderableSeries
  • CursorModifier Improvements
  • Added PaletteProvider property to BaseRenderableSeries. Enables overriding of data-point colors when rendering. E.g. color individual points, candles or columns.
  • YAxisDragModifier may now be used when YAxis.AutoRange = true, by setting the ResizeMode=Relative/Absolute. In AbsoluteMode the YAxisDragModifier sets the VisibleRange of the axis, which is overwritten by AutoRange. In RelativeMode, the modifier sets the GrowBy, causing a margin above/below the maximum of the chart and can be used in conjunction with AutoRange.
  • DataSeries API Refactor
  • Alpha Blending of MountainSeries, Column Charts. These series now alpha blend so if you have a MountainSeries or ColumnSeries over a LineSeries the underlying series show through.
  • Source code customers: SciChart is now a single csproj, no need to include Abt.Licensing and WriteableBitmapEx. In addition we have made a number of improvements for source code customers, such as ability to strip out licensing and deploy entirely safe code (No Unsafe) for use in partial trust environments such as Bloomberg Terminal via conditional compilation pre-processor statements and provided a VS2012 solution as well as VS2010.
  • Implemented 30-day Trial. SciChartís Terms & conditions are changing. The trial duration will be 30-days and licensed per-machine. Of course, if you need more time weíd be happy to extend your trial! License keys have also changed. Contact us to upgrade your key from v1.3 to v1.5.
  • Fixed binding errors in CursorModifier and RolloverModifier, improving performance of both cursors.
  • Fixed Logarithmic Y-Axis crash when switching from Linear to Logarithmic mode and back.
  • Fixed memory leaks when themes are changed.
  • Fixed memory leaks when a SciChartSurface is loaded/unloaded.
  • Fixed axis/label flickering when SciChart is used under .NET4.5
  • Fixed Candles/OHLC bars too closely spaced in CategoryDateTimeAxis.
  • In WPF – Fixed MVVM binding silently failing to AxisCollection, RenderableSeries, VisibleRange when SciChartSurface is used inside an DataTemplate/ItemTemplate. In Silverlight, these issues can be resolved via workaround. Contact us if you experience them.
  • Fixed crash bug when zooming using RubberBandXyZoomModifier and YAxis.FlipCoordinates=true is set.
  • Fixed axis ticks getting shifted if BorderThickness is used
  • Fixed DataSeriesSet.Insert not firing SeriesUpdated event
  • Fixed DateTimeAxis.MaxAutoTicks doesnít work
  • Fixed YAxis.AutoRange calculation when OHLC or Candlestick charts are used. Now uses the high/low of candles not the close to compute VisibleRange.
  • Added exception message if AxisBase.AutoTicks=false but major, minor deltas are not set
  • Fixed AxisBase.IsPrimaryAxis, now set correctly when multiple axes are used. The primary axis draws gridlines others don’t.
  • Fixed Column series rendering issues when series contains negative values.
  • Fixed a bug where SciChartSurface is empty when first dataseries is empty.
  • Fixed DataSeries.Clear crash (rare race condition) when updating the chart in a separate thread.
  • Created eleven new examples
  • All examples now have descriptions
  • Example homepage updated to show features via icons
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