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Announcing SciChart v1.5.6! Features & Fixes


We are pleased to announce SciChart v1.5.6 Build 1991 has been released. This is an important maintenance update which includes many fixes for bugs reported on our forums in January 2013 and February 2013.

As of today, you will be able to download v1.5.6.1991 on our Downloads page. If you are a source code customer you will receive an email with updated package detail shortly.

SciChart v1.5 Features

If you’re new to SciChart and want a quick walk through of the features in v1.5, please take a look at the videos Introduction to SciChart and SciChart v1.5 Launch – New Features.

SciChart v1.5.6.1991 Release What’s New (12th Feb 2013)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when data with NumericAxis is switched from Linear to Logarithmic when data has both positive & negative values
  • Fixed VerticalLineAnnotation templating issues
  • Fixed Annotation coordinate / X-label issues when used with DateTimeAxis
  • Fixed Overview control cannot scroll to edges when moving mouse quickly
  • Fixed memory leak associated with DefaultLabelFormatter issues on Axis
  • Fixed annotation placement is incorrect when left-axis is used
  • Fixed ZoomPanModifier in Quad-Axis example (or when left-axis used) did not pan on left part of the chart
  • Fixed SciChartOverview does not update X-Range when changing dataset for shorter data
  • Fixed NullPointerException when hit-testing a hidden series
  • Fixed XyScatterSeries does not update after setting Min and Max of DoubleRange so no data is on the chart
  • Fixed Annotation X-Coordinate is rounded up to next candle when used on CategoryDateTimeAxis
  • Fixed Exception when trying to add new dataseries to a SciChartGroup if Theme was changed
  • Fixed FastMountainRenderableSeries handling of double.NaN, now correctly shows line to zero when NaN’s used
  • Fixed Synchronize Multi-Chart issue – bottom chart doesn’t pan when rollover is used
  • Fixed ZoomPanModifier and CursorModifier bug in Sync Multi-Chart Mouse example when Axis is on the left
  • Fixed Y-Axis Drag triggers RubberBandZoom in Sync Multi-Chart Mouse example
  • Fixed a bug in Modify Axis Properties example
  • Fixed RolloverModifier with IsDigitalLine == true does not match up with UseInterpolation
  • Fixed RolloverModifier dissappears when outside of data-range.
  • Fixed Column Series with DataPointWidth = 1.0 has gap after the first column
  • Fixed Rollover tooltip gets stuck in position when chart zooms
  • Fixed OHLC bars sometimes the open wick is shorter than close
  • Fixed Changing theme with annotations causes exceptions
  • Fixed Flicker in Axis Legend Checkboxes when manipulating chart (e.g. in Quad Left/Right YAxis Example)
  • Fixed YAxis doesn’t align ticks to left or right when MinWidth or Width is specified
  • Fixed SciChartGroup panes have small padding for child chart panes
  • Fixed LineAnnotation can get focused by keyboard causing dotted line around annotations
  • Fixed HorizontalLineAnnotation.LabelPlacement doesnt work when annotation is added dynamically from code
  • Fixed Exception when adding new DataSeries inside SciChartGroup if Theme was changed

Known Issues

  • VS2012 Designer shows Trial expired even when a license key is applied.
    Workaround is to apply the license using the SciChartLicense.xml file (not using SciChartSurface.SetLicenseKey())
    and ensure AnyCPU or x86 are used (not x64)
  • Logarithmic Axis doesn’t play well with ZoomPanModifier and MouseWheelModifier. To rectify this we are re-working the Logarithmic Axis for SciChart v2.0
  • AxisBase.AutoTicks = false causes a crash unless AxisBase.MajorDelta and AxisBase.MinorDelta are set
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