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We are pleased to announce SciChart v1.7.0 Build 2424 has been released. This is an important maintenance update which includes many fixes for bugs reported on our forums in April and May 2013.

As of today, you will be able to download v1.7.0.2424 on our Downloads page. If you are a source code customer you should have received an email with updated package detail already. If not please contact us.

Change Log

SciChart v1.7.0.2424 Release What’s New (12th May 2013)

Bug Fixes and Features

  • All zoom and pan modifiers updated to work with Logarithmic Axis, such as
    ZoomPanModifier, MouseWheelModifier, XAxisDragModifier, YAxisDragModifier
    (feature back-ported from SciChart v2.0 branch)
  • Fixed Add Remove Series example bug where removing a series deleted all
  • Fixed MouseManager.MouseEventGroup bindings being overwritten with null when theme was changed
  • Fixed XAxisDragModifier inverting the drag when AxisBase.FlipCoordinates = true
  • Fixed ZoomExtentsModifier ignores all ChartSeriesViewModel items but the last
  • Fixed DateTimeAxis doesn’t measure itself properly
  • Fixed SciChartOverview doesn’t have binding for properties Background, Foreground by default
  • Fixed issue with Hit-Test on Scatter-Series. Points with the same X cannot be hit
  • Fixed Left-aligned axis are pushed in reverse order when added to the chart
  • Fixed Overview control central range does not update in some cases
  • Fixed Scrolling FIFO Charts example is marked as MVVM but it is not
  • Fixed regression bug Annotation.IsHidden is not working when databound in MVVM
  • Fixed regression bug setting Annotation.X1 not divisible by candle width in CategoryDateTimeAxis snaps annotation to the left
  • Fixed DateTimeAxis collects ticks data as doubles not DateTimes
  • Fixed VerticalLineAnnotation cannot be removed from the chart if X1 property is data-bound
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