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Announcing SciChart v2.0.0.2718 Beta 2!


SciChart v2.0.0.2718 Beta 2!

SciChart v2.0 Beta 2 is here! This is the first public Beta after a private Beta to some of our customers. After a stabilisation period we will be going to full production release so please give us your feedback.

Finally, please give us your feedback on SciChart v2.0! If you require an extended trial key in order to view it, please contact us and we will gladly oblige.

New Features at a glance include:

  • Box Plot, Error Bars, Bubble Chart, Fan Chart
  • Heatmap / Spectrogram
  • Stacked Column Chart, Stacked Bar Chart, Stacked Mountain Chart, Stacked Columns (side by side)
  • No more DataSeriesSet, MVVM API improvements
  • Unlimited, Multiple X-Axes
  • Swap X-Y axis (rotate chart)
  • New PointMarker API
  • Support for more DataTypes in DataSeries (ushort, short, uint, byte, sbyte, TimeSpan)
  • New TimeSpanAxis
  • New Axis Interactivity API
  • Alternative, Sub-pixel (High Quality) renderer
  • High Performance Axis Bands, High Performance Dashed Line support (StrokeDashArray)
  • Gradient Brush support for Column, Candlestick, Mountain, Box Plot and Stacked Chart types
  • PaletteProvider now works on Line Series (Colors lines point by point)
  • Support for custom themes via IThemeProvider
  • Faster rendering in multiple axis scenarios
  • Plugin renderer architecture
  • Exceptions and renderer error codes – ‘Why didn’t SciChart render’ reason is output to Console
  • Window
  • New! online API documentation (work in progress)
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