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SciChart v2.0.1.2815

SciChart v2.0 is finally here! This is the first full release of SciChart v2.0 after two Beta releases to our customers. Thank you for your feedback and your patience. We have really worked hard to bring you this release and appreciate the input you have had into it.

To download the latest installer, please visit our Downloads page.

New Features at a glance include:

Change Log since v2.0 Beta 2

Breaking Changes

  • Renamed AutoRange.Auto to AutoRange.Once. The three values for AutoRange are: AutoRange.Never (never autorange), AutoRange.Once (once on first render), AutoRange.Always (always autorange)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed zoommodifier overlay not appearing in Silverlight
  • Fixed drawing defects with UnsortedXyDataSeries
  • Fixed Shifted Cursor Axis Labels in Silverlight
  • Fixed Sync Multi Charts example, cannot pan the bottom chartv
  • Fixed stacked bars and columns – intensive zoom on the laters joining the rendered objects
  • Fixed regression bug, when the line is out of the chart points stay on the chart borders
  • Fixed bug with MajorTickLineStyle setter in AxisBase
  • Fixed ViewportManagerBase issue, Invalidate Parent Surface with RangeMode set to ZoomToFitY ignored
  • Fixed chart does not render if series only has one data-point in logarithmic or linear mode
  • Fixed SeriesSelectionModifier does not work with MountainSeries
  • Fixed no pointmarkers visible in Impulse Chart example (regression issue)
  • Fixed Chart does not render if 1 out of N RenderableSeries does not have data
  • Fixed design time error Invalid XmlnsDeclaration occurs in assembly ‘Abt.Controls.SciChart.Wpf’ … ‘XmlnsDeclaration references a namespace Abt.Controls.SciChart.Rendering that is not in the assembly’
  • Fixed instability in axis layout algorithm causing axis to ‘wobble’
  • Fixed VerticalLineAnnotation.LabelsOrientation issue
  • Fixed IsPointWithinBounds for VerticalLineAnnotation
  • Fixed CursorModifier throws if axis is changed
  • Fixed BoxPlot, when zoomed, series remains on the chart sides
  • Fixed HitTest for impulse series, which fixes TooltipModifier inconsistent behaviour on Impulse Series
  • Fixed heatmap crashing on panning in some circumstances
  • Fixed axis labels issue when Y/XAxes collections are reset
  • Fixed FastLineRenderableSeries not disabling the line when SeriesColor = Transparent (regression issue in v2.0)
  • Fixed exception when using AxisCollection.Move
  • Fixed Margin applied twice in SciChartSurface control templatev
  • Fixed Memory Leak when SciChartGroup.VerticalChartGroup attached behaviour is applied
  • Fixed Axis alignment incorrect when Axis is on the left and SciChartGroup is applied
  • Fixed line-clipping algorithm not drawing lines to the edge of the chart
  • Fixed an issue in MouseManager which caused horizontally aligned charts sharing a MouseEventGroup to receive incorrect mouse-coordinates.
  • Fixed PointMarkerTemplate could not be re-applied (every marker after first was ignored)
  • Improved toggle on/off behaviour for SciChartGroup
  • Added ability to show Axis Labels for RolloverModifier
  • Added HitTest for BoxPlot series, added default styles
  • Added new example ‘Use High Quality Rendering’. Shows how to switch renderer per-chart
  • Added default style for TooltipModifier
  • Added Debug log to console if Axis has Invalid VisibleRange
  • Added how to disable debug logging in the console window (how to disable is printed to console)
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