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We are pleased to announce a stability update to SciChart. Version 2.2.2 Build 3441 includes some critical fixes which have been highlighted on the forums in the past few weeks.

Please see the changelog below. It is recommended to update to the latest version if you are experiencing one of the issues listed below:

2.2.2 Build 3441 24th November 2013: HOTFIX

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed AnnotationCollection cleared on tab-change or when the old collection was detached from the surface
  • Fixed alpha-blending bug in Candlestick series where alpha != 0 did not blend onto the background image
  • Fixed a SciChart layout issue where surface infinitely grows in size after its parent container was intensively resized
  • Fixed a regression bug in the SciChartOverview that prevented TwoWay binding to SelectedRange inside an ItemTemplate or DataTemplate
  • Fixed a memory leak where ChartModifierBase derived types, or Annotations were not garbage collected after detaching from the chart
  • Fixed a memory leak and performance problem in SeriesValueModifier.
  • Added BindingOperations.ClearAllBindings to the SciChartSurface.Dispose() method. Now to clear bindings (and WPF bindings can cause memory leaks) just call .Dispose()
  • Fixed a bug in SeriesInfo where updating RenderableSeries.IsVisible externally did not update SeriesInfo.IsVisible


So, what else are we working on?

If you haven’t seen it already head on over to our Blog section where we have a Vision update for SciChart in 2014. There are many exciting avenues we’ve been researching in the past year, some of which we are going to bring to production in 2014. Some improvements are going to be released very soon for SciChart v2.5 and some will follow later.

We also want to hear your feedback! We are running a survey now where you can tell us where your priorities lie for the coming year. Of course, we always welcome direct contact!

Best regards,

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