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Announcing SciChart v2.2 Release!


We are pleased to announce a stability update to SciChart. Version 2.2 includes many fixes and improvements for issues which you have reported on the forums over the past 6 weeks.

Please see the changelog below. It is recommended to update to the latest version if you are experiencing one of the issues listed below:

SciChart v2.2.3123 Release What’s New (23rd September 2013)

Breaking Changes

  • SciChart DLL now named with version name, you can reference two versions of SciChart in the same solution. This will require that you update your csproj files to reference the new DLL name.

    This feature allows you to install multiple versions of SciChart on the same machine and upgrade project by project (Previously SciChart.Wpf.Dll was overwritten by a new version in the output folder, causing FileLoadException).

    In order to minimise namespace pain we strongly recommend using the xmlns:s=” “, in your XAML files, then xml namespaces are no longer assembly filename dependent.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Improved RolloverModifier Tooltip when using Stacked Column series – shows non accumulated values and positions correctly.
  • Improved HitTest for Candlestick, Column Box Plot series
  • Improved HitTest for Mountain Series
  • Improved HitTest for Digital Lines on Horizontal and Vertical charts
  • Improved line Hit Testing, fixed Rollover/Cursor axis tooltips and rollover position for BandSeries
  • Improved HitTest with interpolation: now better results when X and Y values were too close
  • Improved HitTest accuracy for Band Series
  • Workaround for shifted axis labels when using a large font size
  • Fixed XAxis ticks flicker at times during redraw
  • Fixed inconsistencies in viewport size that caused 1px gridline offset
  • Fixed a bug when exception was thrown if XValues were Ints and IAxis.ScrollBy() called
  • Fixed a bug in series drawing when PaletteProvider was used with Line Renderable Series
  • Fixed VisibleRangeChanged event fired several times during animation
  • Fixed bug where GridLiensPanel border properties couldn’t be changed via the SciChartSurface.GridLinesPanelStyle
  • Fixed Rollover bug whenline and label on XAxis were drawn outside the chart bounds
  • Fixed Rollover issue when line isn’t drawn on points where Y=NaN
  • Fixed NullReferenceException in AxisBase.GetMaximumRange()
  • Fixed Cursor Labels are drawn lower than the axis title in Z-Direction for right-aligned axis
  • Fixed sharing of DataSeries across SciChartSurfaces causes one surface to freeze (including when sharing on Overview chart)
  • Fixed executing of AutoRange (VisibleRange stuck on 0..9) if first draw is an empty chart then DataSeries are attached later
  • Fixed CategoryDateTimeAxis exception when BarTimeFrame is zero
  • Fixed VisibleRange bug in TimeSpanAxis when the TimeSpan included a negative time
  • Fixed incorrect band drawing for CategoryDateTimeAxis
  • Fixed MouseWheelZoomModifier to work properly with flipped coordinates
  • Changes to Default.xaml themes to ensure RenderSurface is always the same size as the axes. SciChartSurface border is now on top of the rendersurface, not outside it
  • Fixed moving an annotation results in a StackOverflowException in some cases
  • Fixed a bug where rollover marker is glitching on mouse right below/above the data-point
  • Fixed ‘Zero Values are not rendered’ where axis did not seem to be inclusive on VisibleRange
  • Fixed Overview isn’t drawn on startup
  • Fixed Axis Labels remain on Axis after axis collection changed
  • Fixed a memory leak in ColorToBrushConverter (used by SciChartLegend) which was keeping SciChartSurface instances alive
  • Fixed bug when Modifier throws during Axis Labels update
  • Fixed ModifierGroup.ChildModifiersProperty cannot be bound to
  • Fixed ArithmeticOverflowException when short data type used and ChartModifier is outside of the data range
  • Fixed StackOverflowException when VisibleRange updated in CategoryDateTimeAxis
  • Fixed DigitalLine and Digital Mountain issues (incorrect placement of vertical/horizontal step)
  • Fixed exceptionwhen VerticalLineAnnotation is placed on a non-active Tab in a TabControl
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