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We are pleased to announce a minor update to SciChart. Version 2.3 Build 3730 includes some critical fixes and improvements which have been highlighted on the forums in December.

Please see the changelog below. It is recommended to update to the latest version if you are experiencing one of the issues listed below:

2.3 Build 3730 17th January 2014: Minor Update


  • Created an example on using TooltipModifier
  • Added MaxItemsCount limit to TextureCache, to cap the maximum number of textures cached (prevents memory runaway in texture intensive apps)
  • Added a property RubberBandXyZoomModifier.MinDragSensitivity (ignores drag smaller than N pixels).
  • Improved FastBandRenderableSeries rendering when y0 and y1 includes NaN. Now renders gaps correctly for both bands and lines
  • Added support for Collection Move action in AnnotationCollection and SeriesSource
  • Set UseInterpolation=True as the default behaviour in the CursorModifier
  • Improved SeriesSelectionModifier – it no longer selects invisible series
  • Improved SeriesSelectionModifier and FastBandRenderableSeries – no longer selects when clicking on NaN areas of the bands

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a Hit-Test issue with CategoryDateTimeAxis
  • Fixed undesired zoom to extents behaviour if VisibleRange is set to (0,10) explicitly
  • Fixed drawing of Band Series when trying to append the same point several times
  • Fixed CohenSutherland line clipping giving incorrect rendering when data contains infinity values
  • Fixed StackedColumnRenderableSeries throws if used with a non-double data type
  • Fixed Error Bars – column chart not rendering with 1 point
  • Fixed a memory leak where TextureCache would not release memory if cache size exceeded
  • Fixed calculation of GrowBy if range contacts zero values
  • Fixed incorrect drawing of StackedColumnRenderableSeries caused by overflow of casting double to Int
  • Fix for issue where AxisCollection = nul causes a modifier crash.
  • Fixed potential memory leak if RenderableSeries.Clear() is called
  • Fixed ToolTipLabelDataContextSelector in TooltipModifier


So, what else are we working on?

If you haven’t seen it already head on over to our Blog section where we have a Vision update for SciChart in 2014. There are many exciting avenues we’ve been researching in the past year, some of which we are going to bring to production in 2014. Some improvements are going to be released very soon for SciChart v2.5 and some will follow later.

Best regards,

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