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Application Freeze

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We upgraded from version 1.7 of SciChart to 2.3.5129.39011. Since then we are observing application freeze (as explained below) once in a while. 2 days ago we could reproduce it reliably on one of the machine. We observed that freeze does not happen if we remove SciChart. So we are now sure that freeze is caused by SciChart.

The issue is as follows.

  1. When we plot some graph, our application will stop updating the UI. Application is still responsive, i.e. user can still click on the buttons and buttons will respond. But UI will not update at all e.g. button text will not update etc.

  2. On 8 core machine one of the core is running at 100%. Our application takes that entire core i.e. running at 13%. When we see the process dump all that core is used by Main thread.

  3. It is difficult to reproduce. But we could reliably reproduce it only one machine. It displays some more weird behavior described in following points.

  4. When application window is in restored mode i.e. not maximized, SciChart goes in some state and does not display graph properly and freeze issue happens immediately. But if we maximize window before sending data to graph, Scichart and application behaves normally.

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Best Answer

Somewhere in application we were using Grid.IsSharedSizeScope=”True”. This flag used to cause this behavior. Once Grid.IsSharedSizeScope was set to false, application started behaving properly.

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Hi Manish,

Please see the Q&A on Zoom Not Working on One Single Computer. Does the test-app we posted there reproduce the issue on your computer? If so it is a driver issue and we have a workaround above. If not, please contact [email protected] with any or all info to reproduce the issue and we will investigate asap.

Best regards,

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