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I have an issue where I attempt to zoom/pan with a ZoomPanModifier only in the X direction. At the same time I would like my Yaxis to stay set at my current boundaries. The problem is that when I first load up the chart everything works fine, but when I pan left and right the YAxis auto ranges itself and never uses the current boundaries I have set. And once I’m done zooming the auto Range stays on. Here is the sample code.

<Custom:ZoomPanModifier x:Name="zoomPanModifier" IsEnabled="True" ExecuteOn="MouseRightButton" XyDirection="XDirection" />
<Custom:NumericAxis DrawMinorGridLines="False" AxisTitle="Value" TextFormatting="#,##0" x:Name="YAxis" AutoRange = "False">
<Custom:DoubleRange Min ="0" Max ="2200"></Custom:DoubleRange>
<Custom:DoubleRange Min="0.1" Max="0.1"/>

Would like to know If maybe I’m setting the auto range somewhere else I don’t know about or this problem is recreatable on your side. Thanks.

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Hi there,

This is the default behaviour of the ZoomPanModifier when dragging in X-Direction is enabled, that it also Zooms to Extents the Y-Axis while you pan.

However, it has been requested that we allow users to disable this, so we’ve added in a new property, ZoomPanModifier.ZoomExtentsY (default true), which when set to false, disables this feature of auto-ranging on Y-Axes as you pan in the X Direction.

This will be released as part of SciChart v1.6 very soon – in fact, we’re just testing the final release package now.

Best regards,

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