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Is there way to manual update/recalculate axes range on a single axis, if AutoRange is AutoRange.Never or AutoRange.Once? I need to force axes to fit to full data range, after adding new series on chart.

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Just on one axis?

If so you can try this:

var range = axis.GetMaximumRange();
axis.VisibleRange = range;

or if you wanted to force the chart to zoom to extents, you can try these API calls

sciChartSurface.ZoomExtents();   // Zooms to extents in the X and Y directions
sciChartSurface.ZoomExtentsY(); // Zooms to extents in the Y direction
sciChartSurface.ZoomExtentsX(); // Zooms to extents in the X direction

If you wanted to animate your zoom you can also try these:

var range = axis.GetMaximumRange();
axis.AnimateVisibleRangeTo(range, TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(500));

Hope this helps đŸ™‚

  • anth
    Ok, thanks
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