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Please see the attached image. In my chart I am zooming in. When I zoom in to very small area all tick labels are the same. I found that it goes maximum upto 3 decimal places. Is it possible to display more text with more decimal places when zoomed in instead of displaying same numbers? I am not setting TextFormatting property of numeric axis.

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Hi Manish,

A really simple way to solve this is to set text formatting to condition decimal places, for instance, instaed of the default value of “0.###” use “0.#######”. This way you will get up to 6 decimal places if the precision exists.

Alternatively you can use engineering notation. Try a value of “#.###E+0” for text formatting to keep maximum 3 decimal places, but the exponent can be used to add precision.

SciChart also provides scientific notation. This can be seen on our Logarithmic Axis demo:

The text-formatting is engineering notation but also this property is set to get the exponent in superscript: ScientificNotation=”Normalized”

Finally if that’s not enough I would suggest listening to XAxis.VisibleRange changes and dynamically setting the TextFormatting as the chart zooms.

Best regards,

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