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I’ve noticed that when you make a column chart and a line chart they use the same points to map the data. Which for the bar chart is (inconveniently in my case while using a DateTimeAxis) the middle of the bar. The line chart also uses these same points, but when I make IsDigitalLine = true I noticed the line mimics a bar chart but is using slightly off points. Is there anyway to force either the bar or line charts to offset so they use the same data points and look like they mark the same points.
In the attachment you can see how the line chart is like it’s slightly ahead of the bar chart. The result I would like to see is them mimic each other.Is this possible.

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Hi there,

Thank you for the inquiry! Unfortunately, it isn’t possible now, but we are going to introduce such feature for the FastColumnRenderableSeries for it was requested a few times. As an alternative, I can suggest you using of the FastMountainSeries with IsDigitalLine set to True instead of the columns. Please, try out and let us know if this is suitable solution for you!

Best regards,

  • Kohins
    Thank you that will work for now.
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