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I have exception
The argument “barTimeFrame”, value=0, must be greater than 0.

Whats is mean?


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Hello Arthur,

CategoryDateTimeAxis.BarTimeFrame is a property which allows you to specify the time for 1-bar (or one point) on the chart in seconds, e.g. CategoryDateTimeAxis.BarTimeFrame=900 means each point on the chart represents 15 minutes.

This is used for financial charting to assist the range and zoom calculations in the X-axis.

Are you binding to this property? If so what value are you setting? Please set -1 for “Automatic” (timeframe calculated by axis) or an explicit value greater than zero.

Many thanks,

  • Arthur Romanov
    Hi, Andrew I'm not using BarTimeFrame and exception generated sometimes. Can I NOT use BarTimeFrame? If not, I'll try to set it to greater than 0. Thanks, Arthur
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Hi Arthur,

This exception can occur during SciChartSurface rendering. So there are quick tips for you:

  • if you don’t use CategoryDateTimeAxis(default), ensure that you changes it before the surface is rendered
  • if surface’s DataSet is Null or empty when the rendering pass starts, this exception will be thrown as well

Please, try out this and give us any feedback. If doesn’t help, could I ask you to post small example which reproduces this issue?

Best regards,

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