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What is BarTimeFrame?

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Quick question regarding stock charts. I am maintaining the Ohlc data series and appending values when the timeframe threshold is reached.. what the BarTimeFrame property is used for in StockChart?



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Hi Paul,

As BarTimeFrame documentation states, this is the time in seconds for each bar on the CategoryDateTimeAxis.
Actually, it allows you to specify the time for 1-bar (or one point) on the chart in seconds, e.g. CategoryDateTimeAxis.BarTimeFrame=900 means each point on the chart represents 15 minutes. This is used for financial charting to assist the range and zoom calculations in the X-axis. It is set to “-1” by default, which means that time frame is calculated by CategoryDateTimeAxis automatically, you can set it to any value greater than zero.

Please, take a look at our SciTrader example and play around with different time frames on the left top corner to see it in action.

Best regards,

  • murfinp
    Yuriy Many thanks for the clarification .... a useful addition to the ohloc dataseries would be an append(datetime,value) that would automatically determine whether update h/l/c or add a new bar based based on the values passed in, the current bar time/values and the barTimeFrame property. Thanks again Paul
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