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I’m using few synchronized charts to display different data series, I would like to have an ItemsControl which shows points info from all the charts, is it possible?

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Hi there,

I just tried to implement desired behavior in this way:

        <Grid Grid.Row="1">

                <CompositeCollection x:Key="SeriesInfos">
                    <CollectionContainer Collection="{Binding ChartModifier[RolloverModifier].RolloverData.SeriesInfo, Source={x:Reference chart0}}" />
                    <CollectionContainer Collection="{Binding ChartModifier[RolloverModifier].RolloverData.SeriesInfo, Source={x:Reference chart1}}" />

            <ItemsControl ItemsSource="{StaticResource SeriesInfos}"
                      ItemTemplate="{StaticResource ChartDataTemplate}" />

It seems to be working well, but usage of this approach assumes that you have permanent amount of charts.
Please, let us know if this is suitable solution for you.

Best regards,

  • sarat12
    Thank you, yes my problem is I'm creating those discrete charts dynamicaly every time when user makes a decision on which params to display, but I've got the idea. Thanks again.
  • Yuriy Zadereckiy
    Hi again, I noticed on the screenshot that you use Rollover synchronized across the charts. Please, be aware that Rollover requires from all series to have the same X values, in another case it will be placed in different places and looks not synchronized. Am I right, this is your case? FYI, we are going to improve this behavior in future, probably in 2.0v. Best regards, Yuriy
  • sarat12
    Sure, you are right. But I think it's normal behavior, looks like it snaps to closest points, which is acceptible in my case. Any way setting rollover's UseInterpolation property to true solves the problem, but in that case displayed values are pretty abstract.
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