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Hi All,

I am new to SciChart world and need little assistance. I have to export scichart to image(format not matter right now). I am using WPF with MVVM. I have created a scichartsurface object in my viewmodel and now tryng to assign different properties that are bind to my actual scichartsurface in View. I am facing type casting error while assigning annotation preperty.

Here’s I define Annotation bind to actual graph in view

     public BindableCollection<TextAnnotationViewModel> GraphAnnotations;

here’s the code for where I am getting type mismatch error

    private void ChartToImage()
        var chart = new SciChartSurface()
            RenderableSeries = new RenderableSeriesSourceCollection(LineRenderSeries)
            Annotations = GraphAnnotations,

Here’s my View code

        Annotations="{s:AnnotationsBinding GraphAnnotations}"
        RenderableSeries="{s:SeriesBinding LineRenderSeries}">

It would be great if you also give example and details for X,Y Axis casting for my above ChartToImage method.

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I dont know its the right way or not but still I manage to resolve this issue by below code.

            var annotationCollection = new AnnotationCollection();
            foreach (var graphAnnotation in GraphAnnotations)
                var annotation = new TextAnnotation();
                annotation.X1 = graphAnnotation.X1;
                annotation.Y1 = graphAnnotation.Y1;
                annotation.Text = graphAnnotation.Text;
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