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How to change IsEditable behaviour for a annotation ?

Requirement is to allow Editing (Allow resizing box annotation only on X1 or X2 or Y1 or Y2 side).

It must be possible to specify which sides we can resize. (IsEditable on X1 or X2 or (X1 and X2) all combinations ). Because I’m programmatically creating box annotations.

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This can be achieved by combining BoxAnnotation and VerticalLineAnnotation explained by Andrew in

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Hi Jerome,

We don’t support fixing of just one side or one point of a BoxAnnotation, however, you can try to subscribe to Annotation.SizeChanged and reset the sizes yourself when a user drags.

If that doesn’t work, try to get a DependencyProperty Callback on the properties you want to keep fixed (e.g. X1) and set the old value back when the user tries to change it. You might want to think about putting this in to an attached behaviour to make it neat and tidy.

If you do come up with a working solution, please do post it here so that other users can benefit!

Best regards,

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