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Build graph with custom candles

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I’m new in scichart. I would like to ask you if it’s possible to build a graph with custom candles.
I want to build a footprint graph, something like this:

could you tell me if It’s possible to build this kind of graph and suggest me some links with documentation?

Thank you

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Hi Lorenzo,

Anything is possible with SciChart given enough time and effort 🙂

In practice:

With a combination of these APIs you should be able to achieve what you want. I don’t have a code example unfortunately …

Best regards,

  • lorenzo522
    Thank you for your reply Andrew. You gave me good news. Just for clarification, you told me to use annotations or UserControl, but I could also use 20-30 thousands of elements. I am a little worried about memory and speed. I focus on this point because months ago I tried, as you wrote, with another commercial product, they were simple numbers, one above the other, in a user control. But with 1000 elements memory grew very fast and program lagged a lot. Do you think this could be a problem also with scichart? Thanks
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Lorenzo, if you want to have 20-30,000 markers then you are right, you will not be able to use Annotations, it will be too slow. Your choices are limited to Custom Renderable series and Custom PointMarkers. Take a look at our example ‘Series with Metadata’ in the SciChart WPf Examples Suite. This has a good example of drawing custom point markers with text and graphics. And it’s fast!!
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This is very interesting Andrew. I’m doing some test, and I’m looking for a solution.

I have a question for you.
Watching your sample I learned how to insert with drawtext() one ore more text like a stack, but the problem is the size.
Let me explain. If you have a candlesticks chart and you zoom in on the chart to see only two candles on the screen, those candles will be very big and close to each other.
In my example if I have a seriespoint with a text for every point drawn on the screen, when I zoom in on two near points the distance between the two texts will increase, and this is because they have fixed size I think.
Is there any easy way to solve it?

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Lorenzo, if you have a new question, I strongly advise opening a new Forum Post, otherwise they tend to get lost (and unanswered). The answer is that we do not have an overload for DrawText that does not accept size (yet). We could create it if there was enough demand (and, we get enough time to do it). At the moment the existing DrawText overload is the only one that exists.
  • lorenzo522
    Thank you for your reply Andrew. Sorry. Next time I’ll open a new thread.
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