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Is there a built in feature that could calculate the frequency from a data stream ?
I’m using a signal generator to push a sine wave into SCICHART, the graph looks OK (a since wave).
I would like to draw a box with the current frequency in Khz / Hz, is there an API that does that ?


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Hi Eitan

I’m afraid not, we don’t have an algorithm built in to calculate the frequency.

However, I did some work at university on this topic. Something you can do is:

  1. Calculate a Fast Fourier transform (FFT) of the waveform
  2. Look for peaks in the FFT data. This peak will correlated to the strongest frequency signal in your waveform
  3. Output this frequency to your UI

We have a simple FFT algorithm built into one of our examples: the spectrum analyser demo. You can also find third party open source or commercial FFT libraries to do this calculation for you

Best regards,

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