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Can draw different color in each Stacked Bar Chart 's column series point...

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I want to draw a chart like the attached picture (SHMOO_EXAMPLE.jpg)…
And I find the most closest example is stacked bar chart.
However there is one color in each column series in the example of bar chart.
But I want to modify each cell in the chart’s color according to the other value (maybe need three or four colors in each column)
Can I do this?
thank you

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Hi there,

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to have several colors per column unless you use a gradient brush for a series. But even in this case, each column in the same series will be filled with the same brush. It is possible to override fill for a single column, but not with a gradient brush. So I’m not sure if StackedColumnSeries is the best option for you to use.

I would suggest checking out FastHeatMapRenderableSeries. Please take a look at our “Heatmap chart with text” example, it looks quite similar to what you want to implement. Is it suitable for your purposes?

Best regards,

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Thank you~~
I have already survey HeatMap~~

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