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Can we add curve line instead of straight line on the chart via annotation



I was checking the feasibility, where user can add curve line, same as if he is adding a line via line annotation, but I could not find a way to achieve this.

So wanted to check, if it is possible to have a curve line annotation or something ? I am not quite sure if we can achieve this via custom annotation or custom chart modifier.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    What kind of curve do you want? An Arc, quarter circle, a Bezier curve or a free-draw type of curve? Could you talk more about your requirements so we can understand what you need and why? Best regards, Andrew
  • Parthiv Prajapati
    Thanks for your response. I need the user should be able to draw an arc.
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OK. We added something to SciChart v5.2 to be able to free-draw a brush, but it’s not an arc.

Check out the example here: WPF Trade Annotations

An arc isn’t included, but I can add it as a feature request to our backlog. Alternatively, you may be able to create this yourself if you have a source-code license of SciChart and see how we’ve created our own composite annotations.

Best regards,

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