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I started the WPF trial version today(must be the newest version). I used the Example demo to export code. But I can not compile it. Please see the attached images. I did run “dotnet restore” from NuGet Package Manager->Package Manager Console. It didn’t help. In the solution explorer, there is yellow mark beside Packages.

What should I do to compile the exported sample?


newest wpf trial
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Hi Rosalind,

I tried to reproduce this today with SciChart WPF v6.6 but was unable to.

Did you get a solution to this?

Exporting all examples in the WPF Examples App & compilation of the examples is tested as part of our deployment process.

Two things you can do in case you are still experiencing issues:

1/ In Visual Studio -> Tools -> Options search NuGet and ensure there is a package source for NuGet. This should be equal to

2/ Ensure the scichart libraries are installed on disk – the exported sample references them from the install directory.

Let me know if this helps

Best regards,

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Hi Andrew,
Thanks for the reply. I managed to compile the sample. I did the followings.
1. Reinstalled the SciChart WPF v6.6 Installer. I installed for myself the first time. The installation directory is in different folder. I reinstalled it for everyone. Not sure if this step helps the compiling.
2. Got the source code from GitHub and put the the sample project just under c:\. because sometimes it complains the file path is too long.
3. Did the #1 that you mentioned for NuGet. I followed this link


  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    fantastic, I’m glad you got it working. Essentially it’s just a case of pointing to the right libraries. These samples are there to help you get started quickly – there is also the full source from Github as you found and that will help you to build SciChart apps fast. Have a good rest of the day! Best regards, Andrew
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