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PathAnnotation type not found

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When I enter PathAnnotation in the xaml, I get the error “The type ‘s:PathAnnotation’ was not found.” I do have the following Annotation types available:
– AxisMarkerAnnotation
– BoxAnnotation
– CustomAnnotation
– HorizontalLineAnnotation
– LineAnnotation
– LineArrowAnnotation
– SeriesValueAxisMarkerAnnotation
– TextAnnotation
– VerticalLineAnnotation

I want to be able to make a star shape annotation, and PathAnnotation seemed to be the only way to do this. Please let me know if there’s another way to do this.


  • Rachel Myrah
    I saw in the answer to a different question that all of the online documentation is for, and there isn’t any available for earlier versions. If my issue is that PathAnnotation isn’t available in v4, then please let me know if there’s a way to make a shape with a custom path using annotations in v4. Thanks
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Hi Rachel,

Thanks for your question.
I’m not sure if PathAnnotation existed in SciChart v4.x. To make a star shape annotation you can use the CustomAnnotation type. Please see this documentation article for more info:

Also, you can find examples of CustomAnnotations in our “Annotations are Easy” example:

We also recommend updating to SciChart v5.x as it has a lot of improvements since v4.x and SciChart v4.x is no longer supported – hence there is no documentation on v4.x.

Hope this helps.

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