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Can't remove left and right wall in 3d chart

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Setting s3D:SciChart3DSurface WorldDimensions=”300,300,0″ in xaml can remove left and right wall in 3D chart. But
this operation will affect the display of other datas. How to solve this problem?

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Hi Bo Wu,

Thanks for your inquiry.
I am sorry for the misunderstanding. SciChart3DSurface.WorldDimensions property represents the proportions of X, Y, and ZAxis. For example, if you set it to “300,300,0” you see only one XY-Pane with the size 300×300 points, meanwhile, ZAxis is collapsed.
Setting 2 dimensions to zero is not an ordinary use case because you receive just a line – one Axis.

Please see the screenshots attached for more info.

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  • bo wu
    Sorry, let me fix my problem. Setting SciChart3DSurface.WorldDimensions to (300, 300, 0) will remove left and right walls. But then pointcloud will be compressed to a plane. The setting of WorldDimensions will affect the transformation between world and data coordinate system? “Unfortunately, we have also noticed your license support has expired.” Yes, I am investigating whether scichart can meet my needs, and I did encounter some problems in this process.
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