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CategoryDateTimeAxis and several markers on same bar

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I’m using your package for price charting. And I need to put on one bar (or candlestick) several markers (for example several dots with different colours and sizes). Also sometimes I need to change size on some of these markers. Now I am doing this by putting CustomAnnotations. Is there a way to plot the same with for example XyScatterRenderableSeries to increase drawing speed?

Best regards,

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Hi Roman,

XyScatterRenderableSeries supports fast (bitmap-based) point-markers, and will greatly outperform annotations.

You can try by creating a custom point marker using the SpritePointMarker class. See Adding Data-Point markers for more details.

SpritePointMarker won’t allow a different size per marker however, but you can also override BasePointMarker.InternalDraw to draw your own marker using our RenderContext API.

Please see Insane WPF Scatter Chart performance with Parallel Rendering which has examples of how to override BasePointMarker to draw whatever you like at a marker site.

Also, see Creating a Custom Spline Line Series which has an example of creating a CustomRenderableSeries, which is another way you could draw custom geometry at point locations.

Best regards,

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Thank you for advises. I have tried XyScatterRenderableSeries but markers was placed incorrectly. If I had two markers on same bar one of them was placed correctly, but another was shifted to next bar. I used XyDataSeries<DateTime, double> for this experiment.

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