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CategoryDateTimeAxis separate trading day of intraday data


Hi support. I currently evaluating SciChart and using FastOhlcRenderableSeries with CategoryDateTimeAxis to display stock chart intraday data. As you know, when I display many days of 1 minute intraday data (9h30 to 16h00) it is confusing to distinguish trading days since the XAxis is only showing time:sec format. I want to achieve to add tickmarks or any vertical lines to separate the first data for each day. How could I do that?
Thanks for your help.

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Hi There,

We don’t currently support this out of the box, but you could create this behaviour by using our custom Annotations feature. Take a look at the Annotations Are Easy example in our examples suite and specifically the VerticalLineAnnotation. You would need to place this at X=the first bar of the day to have a vertical line separating trading days.

Make sure that you carefully manage annotations (don’t add too many) since they are WPF UIElements are render a lot more slowly than the chart series.

Hope this helps.

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