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I am evaluating the SciChart package and I am trying to show a graph of data. The data changes about every 500ms. I have the code as shown below.

My XAML code is:

                            <s:SciChartSurface  Name="Chart1">
                                <s:FastLineRenderableSeries DataSeries="{Binding SpectrumDataSciChart}" Name="lineRenderSeries"/>
                                <s:NumericAxis ScientificNotation="None" />
                                <s:NumericAxis  />

SpectrumDataSciChart is defined in the view model (.cs) as below:

        private XyDataSeries<double, double> _spec2;
    public XyDataSeries<double,double> SpectrumDataSciChart
        get { return _spec2; }
        set { _spec2 = value; NotifyPropertyChanged(); }

I see the correct plot but then the plot is removed (just a blank chart) and then it appears again. Seems like it is when I update the data (setting SpectrumDataSciChart to a new set of values). I don’t see this behavior with other vendors charts and wondering if I need to set something on the chart or bind differently. I tried using “FastLineRenderableSeriesForMvvm” (as I am using MVVM with WPF) also but it does the same thing. Any ideas?

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We don’t see this behaviour either in our examples, or reported by any other users!

I wonder what other settings you have on the chart, what your hardware is, operating system, GPU driver etc…

There is one known issue with a workaround:

SciChart 2D Troubleshooting

Some users report glitches, flickering or a freezing screen when using the
software renderers. We have identified that some graphics hardware,
particularly Intel HD GPUs, has a bug which affects the WPF
WriteableBitmap class.

Some users report
glitches and flickering when using the DirectX hardware renderer. The
first thing we suggest is that people upgrade their graphics drivers
as out of date Graphics drivers can be a cause of glitches in our

Some solutions on the above page. Maybe that is the issue for you? Only if you’re using DirectX.

Best regards,

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