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I’ve been asked to create a chart where the gridlines are always in the same position regardless of scale/zoom. When the user performs a zoom, I will update a textbox else where on the app (not on the chart, there are no axis labels) with the current value between each tick. The further in you zoom, the small the value is between each tick/gridline.

They also want zoom to be handled by two buttons on the screen, outside of the chart.

So, I’ve found the MVVM implementation for the Axes. I have created the observable collections an bound them up. I’m planning on handling the button commands, zooming the chart, and then redrawing the axis by modifying the AxisViewModel collection from my control view model.

Am I on the right track? If so, my question is, how do I implement the zoom using MVVM?

I see a lot of documentation on customizable ChartModifiers, but I’m not seeing anything about using them in an MVVM environment. Do they follow the same paradigm as the Axes and RenderableSeries? An observable collection?

How do I take a command from an external button and reroute it to zoom the chart in an MVVM environment?

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Hi Devin

Depending on your exact requirements there may be something in SciChart which can do this for you.

Have you seen the Static Axis feature?

This one places axis gridlines and labels at equal distances (they never move depending on zoom level). Instead, the axis label values update as you zoom and pan around.

Let me know if this is what you are looking for. If not, please clarify.


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