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ChartOverview Vertical Data Flow

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I’m able to turn the SciChartOverview control so that it appears vertical and am able to get the grips to flow vertically as well but whenever the data is flowing, it still flows horizontally. How do I get it to flow vertically? See attached image for what it currently does.

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Hi Brett

How have you turned the SciChartOverview vertically? Used a layout transform? Or retemplated it somehow?

The SciChartOverview is a nice control for a specific use-case: scrollbar at the bottom of the chart which shows the first series on attached SciChartSurface in a mountain chart. For more customisation you can actually do this: host any control behind a SciChartScrollbar.

Check out the example here.

Also check out the documentation for SciChartOverview / Scrollbar here with more customisation options.

Create a Custom SciChartOverview with any Background

enter image description here enter image description here

<Grid Background="{Binding ElementName=MainChartSurface, Path=Background}">
               <RowDefinition Height="*" />
               <RowDefinition Height="100" />
         <s:SciChartSurface x:Name="MainChartSurface">
         <Grid Grid.Row="1" >
               <s:SciChartScrollbar Grid.Column="0"
                   Axis="{Binding ElementName=MainChartSurface, Path=XAxis}" />

The SciChartScrollbar itself is designed to be placed on a Y-Axis whereas the SciChartOverview is not. See this example for details

enter image description here

So what I would suggest is:

  • Use SciChartScrollbar
  • Place outside of Axis on the Right (see documentation here)
  • Place any content behind it using example above

Best regards,

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