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I have to plot a column graph represents working time of tasks
The column width is between 0-1.
Is there any way to change the column width in order to specify the working time of the tasks
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Task 1(Yellow) : Working from 1-3, 10-15
Task 2 (Red): Working from 4-8 , 17-18

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for your question. In SciChart, FastColumnRenderableSeries always draws columns having the same uniform width. There is no way to draw columns with different widths using this series type. So we don’t support such behavior out of the box, but it should be not hard to implement on your own.

I would suggest taking a look at our CustomSeries API:

It allows implement your own series using IRenderContext for fast drawing:

Your desired behavior should be quite easy to implement as a custom series.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,
Yuriy Z.

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is currently this feature supported out of the box?
I also need to use different columns’ widths.
I switched from free OxyPlot that supports this out of the box.

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