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Creating a CustomRenderableSereisViewModel - Setting Properties


To whom this may concern:

I’d like to refer to the “Spline Scatter Line Chart” example in the SciChart Examples package. If I were to make this a CustomRenderableSeriesViewModel that I can set in a ViewModel class, how would I go about doing that?

I am using SciChart v4, and here’s what I know so far:

  1. CustomRenderableSeriesViewModel : BaseRenderableSeriesViewModel
  2. ViewType = typeof(CustomRenderableSeries)

My code so far is:

public class CustomRenderableSeriesViewModel : BaseRenderableSeriesViewModel
    public override Type ViewType => typeof(CustomRenderableSeries);

How would I go about setting the IsSplineEnabled property of the CustomRenderableSeries through the CustomRenderableSeriesViewModel class?

FYI: I have looked here and the Worked Example – CustomRenderableSeries in MVVM link goes to the SciChart v5 User manual.
Additionally, this is a duplicate of this issue on Stack Overflow (since I thought you were still fielding questions on there). Feel free to answer on either or both.

Can you please advise?

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Hi Ari,

The documentation you found Worked Example – CustomRenderableSeries in MVVM is a complete example of how to do this in SciChart v5.

I’m afraid we are no longer supporting the SeriesSource MVVM API from SciChart v4 which has been deprecated.

Best regards,

  • Ari Sagiv
    Hi, Andrew — Thank you for your response. I understand if I’ll need to upgrade to SciChart v5, but in case I’m not allowed to, is there any advice you can offer? Thanks and best regards!
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