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I’m writing regarding the IsCenterAxis property on the AxisBase object. I am creating biplots in my application and have set this property to true but the axes stay on the outside edge of the chart. Is there something else I must do to achieve this? I found a link in the forum about doing exactly this, but it was broken.

This is the broken link on the Navigation Pane page about “Placing Axis Central in the Chart”

Also, I need to draw a unit circle on my chart and I was curious what the best way to go about doing that would be.

Thank you

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Hi Cale,

The link you need to find is here: Center Axis Example.

enter image description here

Regarding the Unit Circle, I think that maybe adding a CustomAnnotation with an Ellipse shape might be the best way to do it?

See the CustomAnnotation Documentation here. This will accept any WPF element so I would set the following properties to achieve a unit circle. Theres an implementation here for example.

Best regards,

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A biplot is a type of two-dimensional graphical display that can be used to visualize the relationship between two sets of variables.

The idea behind biplots is to reduce the dimensionality of data to two dimensions, so that the relationships between variables are easier to see. The x-axis represents one variable and the y-axis represents another variable.

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Biplots are typically used for exploring relationships between continuous variables, but they can also be applied for categorical variables.

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