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Custom LabelProvider not working in combination with LogarithmicNumericAxisViewModel


Hi there,

I recently realized that since upgrading to scichart version 5 my custom label provider has stopped working. With version 4 it has always been working fine.

The interesting thing is that the custom label provider works fine when making use of a “standard” NumericAxisViewModel:

IAxisViewModel newAxis = new NumericAxisViewModel ();
newAxis.TickProvider = new CustomTickProvider();
newAxis.LabelProvider = new CustomLabelProvider();

When applying the same logic to a LogarithmicNumericAxisViewModel however, the label providers “FormatLabel” is never called and so no custom labels are shown:

IAxisViewModel newAxis = new LogarithmicNumericAxisViewModel();
newAxis.TickProvider = new CustomTickProvider();
newAxis.LabelProvider = new CustomLabelProvider();

After doing some research I found out that the labelprovider is never attachd to the IAxisCore as the Init function of the labelprovider is never called when its set as the labelprovider of LogarithmicNumericAxisViewModel. (When its attached to a NumericAxisViewModel it is properly called). I suspect there’s bug somewhere in the LogarithmicNumericAxisViewModel that causes this unexpected behavior.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Mathieu, just a note – your profile shows ‘support expired’ but you’re using the latest version. Did you forget to activate your latest license? Please do so, then your profile will show ‘Priority Support’ in green. Best regards, Andrew
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Hi Mathieu,

Thanks for your question.
This issue has been fixed. You may find it in the latest nightly build (v5.3.1.12083).
To get the nightly build please follow the steps from:

Best regards,

Oleksandr Shvets
SciChart Technical Support Engineer

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