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Good Evening,
I would like to customize the labels displayed in a Stacked Column Chart in order to be able to display some text coming from the series metadata, is there any way to do it?

Best Regards

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Hi Luca

Not really, it would require making changes to the code to achieve this (or creating derived classes). I can show you where in the code if you are interested (since you are source-code customers)?

Take a look at StackedColumnSeriesDrawingProvider.DrawColumnsNew (scichart wpf v6).

There’s some code in there which draws the columns and the text labels using the RenderContext.DrawText function. You could modify this here to inject some extra text. StackedColumnSeriesDrawingProvider.DrawColumnsNew has access to metadata.

Let me know if this helps

Best regards,

  • Luca Berti
    Hi Andrew, thanks for your answer. In the end I managed to achieve my target using a MultiBinding on the LabelTextFormatting property of the StackedColumnRenderableSeriesForMvvm. Using this approach I’m now also able to display different texts also depending on the size in pixels of the tyre bar (i.e. if the size is bigger I can display more information on it)
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Great! Glad you got it resolved. If you had time, share a code snippet below for future users. Thanks!
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