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Hi Andrew, Support Guys,

I have a little question.
In my chart i have a chart series XyScatterRenderableSeries DateTime, float which is working fine, on it i have placed the standard tooltip :


where i am showing SeriesName, YValue, XValue.

The question is: in my Dataseries i would like to add to every datapoint additional info like IDNum, Value , etc. and then be able to show this additional info when using the tootip on that point in the chart toghether with the ones already shown.

Which could be the correct approch to achieve this?

Another question…..
I am looking also on the multiple X-Axes example where you are placing top and bottom Axis.
My problem is that in my Dataseries i have two DateTime values for one point , i.e if i have a value 1.1/1-feb-2014/StartTime(0) then sencond point will have value 1.2/1-Feb-2014+1hour/StartTime(0)+1hour…. and so on. The goal is to show theese two different datetime XAsis for the same points.How can this be done ?
Is it also possible to have theese two different X-Axes both on the bottom of the chart.

Many Thanks


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