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Cyclic Reference crash

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Have you guys ever seen the attached stack trace? It appears to happen when our view model gets activated and the annotations get unbound and rebound quickly during view model activation. It’s difficult to reproduce and is very specific to certain view models so I’m not going to try to create a sample application that has the issue, but perhaps you’ve seen the stack trace before or know something about it.

Thanks for any help!

  • Matthew Trahan
    Hi Lex, Thanks for getting back. Just got around to updating to and I still get a cyclic reference crash from time to time. The stack trace is the same. We use ReactiveUI and an MVVM pattern. I believe it has to do with rebinding our ObservableCollection of annotations when the view model is re-activated. Like I mentioned before, it’s hard enough to reproduce as it is (but happens frequently enough to be a nuisance), so I don’t think a sample app is going to be possible. On reading up on the exception, it seems to be something in the xaml style of the AxisMarkerAnnotationForMvvm, but it’s hard to know for sure. Just passing along that we’re still seeing the issue in the latest build, I’m happy to provide any additional information but understand it’s a hard issue to track down without any samples.
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I have also just experienced this with our WPF application. Have narrowed it down to happening just after we upgraded to SciChart 6.6.

This only seems to occur if you drag a series of channels one after another very quickly onto the graph surface (which creates a dataseries and trace for the graph). You typically have to add 30-50 of them to get it to occur. Luckily not an action our customers would usually perform. This came from QA.

Attached a text file containing the first two exception and their stack traces. Very similar to yours.
The VerticalCursor class mentioned is derived from VerticalLineAnnotation.

Jeff Skory
Accurate Technologies, Inc.

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Hi Matthew, Jeff,

Thank you for reporting this. I am sorry for the late reply.
Could you please try the latest SciChart version? It’s v7.0.2 build 27161 currently.
We have added a few improvements that may be related to the issue you’ve described.

If you still experience this with the latest SciChart version, please prepare a small sample project reproducing it and send us for investigation on our side.
You can also submit a support ticket here:

Thanks in advance,
SciChart Technical Support Engineer

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