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in an UserControl I have a SciChartSurface with a XyScatterRenderableSeries. As Chartmodifier I use the DataPointSelectionModifier. This works like a charm with the mouse.
Unfortunately the intended use is to touch on the Monitor to select the DataPoints. This is not working.

First I had some cruel Windows settings in mind, but I tested with a Canvas, a touch does also trigger the mousedown event. But in the DataPointSelectionModifier neither the MouseDown nor the TouchDown event shows any reaction.
I also enabled the ReceiveHandledEvents Property, but also no Reaction.

Any hints?

the UserControl Xaml is attached

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Hello Toxi Co,

I’ve investigated your code, can you kindly explain what are you doin in your mouseDown event handler:


I think that might be the cause of touch not working, can you try performing selection without this event handler set?

If that is not the problem can you create and send us(via attached files) some small sample application with reproduced problem, so we can investigate it on our side.

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Hello Nazariy Pelyushkevych,

thanks for your reply, the MouseDown event handler was inserted to investigate the function. There was nothing behind (just a breakpoint).

I’ve made a complete new sample with just a UserControl with the SciChart and in the code behind a few Testpoints and the PointMarkersSelectionModifier_SelectionChanged handler.
It is the same as in my final Application. With the click on the mouse everything works fine and the single points are selected. With the touch of the monitor nothing happens. The project is attached in the zip File.

best regards

I also tried in the Scichart Example Appication the PointMarkers Selection example and there it is the same. Mouseclick works fine, touch not.

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