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I am having troubles getting the DateTimeAxis to work as I intend. This is how I am defining it:

DateTimeAxis AutoRange="True" GrowBy="0.05, 0.05" ContentStringFormat="H:mm"

I am having several issues at the moment:
1. The axis labels are displaying seconds even though I specifically said Hours and Minutes.
2. The AutoRange options is not working 100%. Everytime a new entry is added to the dataseries it expands the chart to include the new data, but it is ignoring the GrowBy 0.05 setting. Basically, it expands the chart to covert all the data, but there is no extra 5% space on the sides of the chart.
3. I am getting some weird behaviors from the ChartModifiers on this Axis too.

I am using a regular SciChartSurface with one FastCandlestickRenderableSeries as the dataset.

Any idea what the problem could be?

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Hi there,

Thanks for the inquiry! You should use TextFormatting, SubDayTextFormatting to specify how you want the labels to be formatted. Notice that SubDayTextFormatting is used if there is 1 day or less in a viewport.

Regarding AutoRange with DateTimeAxis, it seems to be working as expected, so if a new data comes, chart is expanded and GrowBy is applied. To reproduce, we modified a bit the Bind SciChart to data example, replaced XAxis by DateTimeAxis and applying 0.05 GrowBy. Could I ask you to help us reproduce your issue by posting here small example project, or the steps how we need to modify any of existing examples to reproduce the issue?

Could you give more explanation(or maybe post some screenshots) of which behavior is desired and what unexpected you find when modifiers are used with the DateTimeAxis? Your help is highly appreciated!

Best regards,

  • Diego Guerrero
    SubDayTextFormatting solved my first issue. Regarding the weird behaviors, I will play a little bit longer with the modifiers to be sure I am using them correctly. I Will post again if I am having issues. Finally, about the GrowBy Property issue: the behavior I want is to have about %5-10 constant empty space on the left & right sides of the chart, even when new data comes in. So the problem might be that I am using the GrowBy property incorrectly. Let me know your thoughts on this.
  • Yuriy Zadereckiy
    Hi again, Please, take a look at attached screenshots and project(it's modified example which I told you about before). Please, try to reproduce the issue with grow by there. Also you could post screenshots from your app and share piece of code so we can look into and help you to get it working. Please, ask if you have any questions! Best regards, Yuriy
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