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Maybe, I have a great idea for the DateTimeAxis – TimeSpan.

I know about the DateTime and TimeSpan axes and would be happy about a feature that brings them together.

The idea is to have <DateTime, IComparable> data on a DateTimeAxis and assign a mutable reference DateTime on the Axis. Then, the Axsis can show the time span between the reference time and the data point.

  • In science applications, you can display continous real-time data and display them with respect to a trigger event.
  • In financial applications, you can measure the time after a special market event or special condition.
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I don’t have a screenshot of an ui with that feature. I need to change my application anyway to display the measurement relative to the trigger as timespan. But from now, I am on my first steps to that goal đŸ™‚

Maybe, I can give you a better impression with some sample images.

We do weighing with high performance weigh cells. The app connects to the device and can display continous real-time data.
[see image: continuous]

In that use case, DateTime-Axis is needed.

In “productive” operation, the cell continously weighs products. The operator can see the measurements on the plot and have a overview of the process.
[see image: multiple]

When the operator needs to setup the device, he needs single measurements and look for the setup- /rise- /fall time of the measurement. For that, a trigger signal is send to the app and the plot sets its VisibleRange to the trigger possision.
[image: single ]

Now, the operator needs to see the data points in relation to the trigger point (not yet visible on the screen) which is located around 15:41:44.

My idea is, that I can set (and clear) a reference DateTime value on the XAxis which, in my case, is the position of the trigger event and have all the XAxis rendered as a TimeSpan.

Similar on an ordinary scope you have:
[image: scope] where you can see the trigger position indicated as a small black arrow on the top. Now, think about how sweet it would be to have a TimeSpan-XAxis on that scope and than zoom out of that single shoot to smoothly go other to the continous data acquisition.

(Appologize, for that rubbish english, my browser is chasing me to write nice german with auto-correction.)

  • Sven Fink
    Is it possible to implement that custom axis by my own? I think about inherit from the DateTimeAxes and overwrite the function that calculates the tick labels.
  • Flemming Rosenbrandt
    This is a great feature which we also need – has it been implemented? /Flemming
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