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Define RolloverMarkerTemplate in code


Is there a way to define the RolloverMarkerTemplate from the code, or to change the rollover marker dynamically?

Alternatively, is there a way to define a set of series and rollover marker templates in a declarative way (from the XAML) and use them when I dynamically create the series, in a MVVM way of course…

For example, I would like to define, let’s say 10 different types of point markers with different colors, and when I add a new data serie, make it take the first one, then the next the second and so on until it loops.

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Yes you can,

To change the RolloverMarkerTemplate for a specific series, use this code

<!--  Style for a RenderableSeries -->
<Style x:Key="ARenderableSeriesStyle" TargetType="s:BaseRenderableSeries">
    <Setter Property="RolloverMarkerTemplate">
                <Ellipse Width="9"
                     StrokeThickness="2" />

How to change these in MVVM? Well, I would suggest creating an attached property (inheriting FrameworkElement) which has DependencyPropeties on it for your various rollover marker styles, then binding that to a ViewModel to switch them, e.g. (in pseudocode)

class RolloverMarkerSwitcher : FrameworkElement
– DependencyProperty FirstMarkerTemplateProperty
– DependencyProperty SecondMarkerTemplateProperty
– AttachedProperty ChooseMarkerProperty // e.g. enum First, Second

Then in XAML

<s:XyScatterRenderableSeries local:RolloverMarkerSwitcher.ChooseMarker="{Binding WhichMarkerToChoose}"/>

Hope this has given you an idea how to proceed!


  • xhahn
    Hello Andrew, I'm sorry, I took some time to try and understand your answer, but there's probably something I miss, because I don't understand it. What I'd like to do: - I have an unknown (dynamic) number of series - All those series are scatter series - Each series should have its own color and point marker type (cross, square, triangle, ellipse) What I did for now: - I create a XYDataSeries and a XyScatterRenderableSeries from the ViewModel, I set the SeriesColor of the renderSerie to a specific color - I create a ChartSeriesViewModel linking both the data series and the render series - I add the ChartSeriesViewModel to a collection that is binded to my sciChartSurface How I would like to do it: - I would like to define the XyScatterRenderableSeries (or at least its style) from the XAML (it's UI design stuff, so it shouldn't be in the ViewModel IMO) - Make the color and point marker "dynamic", each new series would have a new combination of color and point marker - Create a collection of XyDataSeries as a property of the ViewModel that the view will bind to Not sure if that is possible? I have the impression that the example you gave in the previous code does the opposite of what I'm trying to achieve.
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