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I am trying to plot multiple line series in a chart and i do use MVVM pattern
here is how i setup collection of series and append data
1. I create a collection of series ,say 10000 and bind it to series source
2. Get each series and append data in worker thread. I use SuspendUpdate during appending data.

The problem i am facing is , once the series is appended with the data (i am trying to add 10 points) is not showing in chart immediately and it blocks the UI thread
.It starts displaying series some where after 100 series are appended.

Could you please let me know the best approach to follow to get the best performance?.


  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Deepak, sorry about the delay in answering this. It got missed! In order to investigate this I really need to see a code sample. We cannot debug profile and suggest improvements to performance without having some code in front of us. Are you able to send over a sample to support [at] ? Best regards, Andrew
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