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Display Y cursor when off x coord is off surface



You guys previously helped me to setup a cursor that spans multiple charts, each with a different X axis values. I have a custom cursor modifier to handle this, and it almost works the way I need. What I’d like it to do is have the horizontal crosshair show on all of the surfaces, even if the mouse X coord is outside the bounds of some of the surfaces. Take a look at the attached screenshot. In this example, the cursor is over the Daily chart. The H4 chart below it shows both the horizontal cursor at 1.3535 and vertical cursor at the end of 9/24/2013. This is what I want. The problem is that I want the H1 chart on right to show a horizontal cursor line at 1.3535, but it does not, because the the vertical cursor date of 9/24 being passed to it’s cursor modifier is outside of the H1 surface’s displayed X range.
(The only reason the H4 chart displays the horizontal cursor is because 9/24/2013 just happens to be within it’s X range.)

Is there a way to do this?


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Thanks for the screenshot. OK, seems that you need to change modifier’s behavior slightly. When overriding OnModifierMouseMove(..), you can find ModifierMouseArgs.IsMaster property in passed parameter. If it is “True”, then HandleMasterMouseMove(..) method is called, and HandleSlaveMouseMove(..) otherwise. So inside
HandleSlaveMouseMove(..) only vertical line is drawn. You need to change this behavior in OnModifierMouseMove(..) override and set IsMaster=”True” every time. Also, take look at sync modifier across charts with diff width thread, it should give you next hint.
..and maybe you could find something useful in this thread.

Please, let us know if you need more assistance on doing this,

Best regards,

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