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Do you need licence re-activating at updating SCIChart WPF version?



I’m now using SCIChart WPF v5.4.0.12119 at Windows10.
I have paid SC-WPF-2D-PRO licence that is already activated, and using it.

Now I want to updated SCIChart version to v6.1.0.13075.
I downloaded v6.1 installer and installed it.

When I checked the SciChart Licensing Wizard it requires log in.
(I’m using PC at network with proxy server, old Licensing Wizard has proxy setting view, but new one don’t have it…so, I’m going to use offline style)

Do you need re-activateing licence from this wizard?
And for it, do you need deactivating current licence from web page?

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Thank you for the question.
You do not need to deactivate.

As you mentioned you have some proxy settings, then the manual (offline) activation is what you need.
You can do a manual activation of version 6. Please follow the steps from here: Scroll to “Activating a License (Offline Mode)”.

Hope this helps. If you have any troubles during doing that, feel free to contact us on sales at email

Best regards,
SciChart team.

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Just a note for our customers of SciChart WPF

From version 5 to version 6 of SciChart WPF, we changed the licensing mechanism. If you are upgrading from v5 to v6 then please download & install the new Cross Platform Licensing Wizard and reactivate your license serial key to use SciChart WPF v6.

Full instructions here: Licensing SciChart WPF v6

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