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Does Custom overview control carn work with 2 chart ?

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Dear all,

I have implemented in our application the “custom overview control” base on your sample which allows chart navigation through the scroolbar.

I was wondering that if we have 2 chart with 2 different series, does the custom overview control could work to zoom on both chart at same time ?


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The overview control zooms and scrolls a chart. Unless the two charts have the exact same VisibleRanges and sizes, it doesn’t make sense for the overview to zoom and scroll two charts.

That being said, it is possible to control several charts with the overview by synchronzing the chart VisibleRanges. This is what we do in our ‘Multi Pane Stock Charts‘ example:

enter image description here

The synchronization is achieved using the techniques mentioned in our documentation ‘synchronizing multiple charts

1.) set MouseManager.MouseEventGroup to share mouse events
2.) Share XAxis.VisibleRange via binding
3.) Synchronize Axis Sizes via VerticalChartGroup

Hope this helps,


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