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As shown below, I want to fill different colors between the two lines according to my own rules,

I first adopted scheme 1: use FastBandRenderableSeries, but it has default rules, according to the size of Y1 and Y2, fill between Y1 and Y2 Predefined FillY1 and FillY2; 
I can't change this behavior by implementing IFillPaletteProvider. 
So I switched to Scenario 2: Use two FastLineRenderableSeries to form the band, but I don't know how to fill the color between the two FastLineRenderableSeries.
Does scichart support filling color between two lines according to custom rules?   my scichart version is 
Please give me some help or advice.

thanks very much.

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Hi Pengwei

Yes, this is supported in SciChart by using the PaletteProvider feature on FastBandRenderableSeries.

Check out the documentation here:

You will need to implement IFillPaletteprovider and IStrokePaletteProvider then apply that to a FastBandRenderableSeries.

Note that this feature is only supported when VisualXcceleratorEngine.IsEnabled = true.

Best regards

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@Andrew Burnett-Thompson ,Thanks a lot, based on your suggestion, I tried to implement IFillPaletteprovider again, but during debugging I found that the breakpoint was not hitting the OverrideFillBrush method; I guess FastBandRenderableSeries doesn’t seem to support dynamically changing the fill color. I finally achieved this task by customizing MyCustomBandRenderableSeries (inherited from FastBandRenderableSeries) and overriding the InternalDraw method, still thanks for your answer.
Finally,In the way you suggested in your answer I wrote an example and put it in the attachment, maybe you can spot some of my mistakes.

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