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Downloaded samples won't compile due to dependencies locations


I downloaded your SciChart trial version. The download placed all you assemblies into:

C:\Program Files (x86)\SciChart\SciChart SDK\Lib\net452

and duplicated the assemblies into:

C:\Program Files (x86)\SciChart\SciChart SDK\Lib\netcoreapp3.0.

Then I download the SciChart examples from GitHub directly into Visual Studio and it created a repository at


Then I tried to compile but the dependencies were not resolved in the project SciChart.Exmaples.ExternalDependencies. I get yellow warning signs next to all your SciChart assemblies (e.g. SciChart.DirectX). Please advise.

latest downloaded 12/9/2020
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I followed all the steps mentioned above, but am still not able to compile the examples. It is really frustrating. Earlier, it was called as DLL Hell. Now, it looks like Nuget Hell.

There are 442 compiler errors.

The very first one of them is
Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error NU1102 Unable to find package SciChart.DirectX with version (>=

Kindly help me resolve this.

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The error “too many code terms” is found in method CreateIndexForCode() in file CreateInvertedIndex.cs. The ZIP file I downloaded from your web site is , size 27,395,877 bytes. I tried to upload a screenshot of the exception, , a .GIF file of size 64,K but your web site gave me the error: “Forbidden”

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The error “too many code terms” is found in method CreateIndexForCode() in file CreateInvertedIndex.cs. I have attached the .ZIP file that I downloaded. Simply run SciChart.Examples.Demo, wait five seconds, and the exception appears. I also attached screenshot.png which shows the exception.

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I was able to build succesfully, but then ran into another problem. When I ran the sample Demo (not the tests), after a few seconds I got an unhandled exception reported by Visual Studio: “Too many code terms for example: Using PointMarkers”.

When I ran the tests I got the same result except that there was no breakpoint in Visual Studio, just a message in a red bar at the top of the form (apparently this comes from the Nunit test logic.

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    I have no idea about that one I’m afraid. I googled ‘Visual Studio too many code terms…” but found no results. We run the tests shipped with the examples during the build process, and the build is all green (they are UIAutomation smoke tests checking the application + example starts up, exported sample compiles, no more)
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Hi Richard

The Github project at pulls its packages (SciChart, SciChart3D and SciChart.ExternalDependencies) from NuGet.

There’s a quick setup guide in the, which says this:

Note: NuGet feed setup
To build, you will need to set the correct NuGet feeds for SciChart WPF v6.x NuGet Feed setup instructions are found at the page
Getting Nightly Builds with NuGet

What you’ll need to do is to add a Nuget package feed as follows:

enter image description here

Set Name = “SciChart Nightly Build Feed”
Source: = “”

Once you’ve done that, restore NuGet packages and build again, you should be good to go.

Let me know if this helps!

Best regards,

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